Issue Zero | Welcome

Maison Staples

I hacked Instagram. Okay, well I didn’t actually hack Instagram. I hacked the algorithm Instagram uses to tell me and show me what I should like and buy and feel. Instagram (and Facebook on a larger scale) exists to prove Thom Yorke right about the abuse of technology.

Instagram is really good about how it shows you ads and content. It picks up on what you engage with. The sponsored ads you see, the products it prompts you to buy, it’s all the result of who you follow, what brands you like, what lifestyle choices you’re into… the list can go on.

I hacked Instagram to show me more furniture.

Furniture, for me, is the singularity of so many things coming and melting together in the right ways. Different uses of colors, shapes, materials, even ideologies can coalesce into a tangible thing that can provide function in form. And this thing can be so unique to your personality.

So I figured it was fitting for me to start this newsletter because of what I saw on Instagram. Those colors and shapes and materials (and even ideologies) inspire me. And with Maison Staples, I hope they inspire you, too.

What IS Maison Staples?

It’s French for “House Staples”.

Although, “staples” in French is closer to agrafes, so if we want to get grammatical, it should really be called Maison des agrafes. But "Agrafes" isn't my name.

Maison Staples is a place to come and read and celebrate décor, design, architecture, art, and the ideologies of world-renowned people who are paving the future for these things. Sprinkle in some product recommendations that won’t destroy your wallet for good measure.

Think of this like AD, but with an affordable twist that can fit within any millennial budget.

My hope is that Maison Staples will serve as inspiration for anyone else interested in these spaces. I’m a strong believer that the home is a reflection of one’s true self. We reflect our personalities into our homes in everything. I want to show you what is reflected in my home, the homes of others, and hope that it gives you a jumping off point to bring your unique personality into your own home.

What’s next?

Issue One, probably.

I won’t lie to you, this isn’t my first writing rodeo. In fact, you can still read all of my work on Medium. I’m not the best at keeping these coming out at a weekly pace, but my goal is to bring you new issues every other week.

You can expect a short read on a topic outlined above. Sometimes it will be the history of a thing, other times it will be the future influence of another thing. Trends, showcases, and the like.

You can also expect the occasional interview or product review and recommendation.

Hell, you might even want to expect cocktail recipes later this summer.

But above all else, I will always try to give you something interesting that you can use in your own life or share with friends.

Thanks for reading. Bienvenue à Maison Staples.

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