Hello, 2023.

Maison Staples

In a way, this is a test post. It's the first post on a new site builder. Let's face it — site builders are a dime a dozen, and I've used a dime's worth over the past decade. WordPress, Tumblr, Wix, Squarespace, Ghost… the list goes on. And here I am, reinventing my digital image once again, on a new site builder. This time: Framer.

So as I sit here, on my couch, next to Q, I'm asking myself (mostly as a narrative device to describe the shift to the audience) "why the change?" The answer is unfortunately basic and vague. Why not? I loved having a full site on Squarespace. I loved the blog features and content management of Ghost. I'm terrible at and hate coding. Why not find something that takes the two sides of what I love and remove the coding element from the equation?

And why not launch the new site on New Year's Day? After all, it's supposedly the day for fresh starts. And as much as I hate how people abuse "new year, new me" as their mantra on January 1, I can give credence to the idea of clean breaks and new beginnings. But I don't like resolutions and I don't follow them. So the solution — for me, at least — turns digital.

A fresh, digital start. A new portfolio. An updated resume and picture. Reuploaded blog posts. And hopefully, more to come over the course of the next year.

© Joe Staples 2023