With our polling partner, OnePoll, we asked 2,000 Americans about their favorite toppings, when they eat pizza, how they eat it, and how far they would go to get free slices for a year.

At least two in three respondents said they consider themselves “pizza experts,” and 79% can point to the best places to get a slice in the town they live in.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents (72%) love pizza so much they could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner without ever getting bored.

With sixty-two percent believing pizza is a “junk food,” 72% said they'd be “thrilled” if pizza was healthier to eat, while two in three would order more if the toppings were healthier. 

Shocking stat – 1 in 12 eat their pizza with a knife and fork… and the pineapple debate rumbles on – while a third believe it doesn’t belong on pizza, 44% insisted that it actually does. What’s more, according to our survey, anchovies are now more despised as a topping.


The survey findings made some tasty headlines across major news sites and lifestyle media. Over 190 pieces of coverage in total, with an average domain authority (DA) of 73, and 90 links from the coverage to the Donatos website.

Coverage Highlights:
1. People
2. Martha Stewart
3. Mashed
4. Fox Business
5. Yahoo! News
6. Food & Wine

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